Podcast Ep. 55: Cameron’s Endgame, UK Election Boundaries & Hillary Clinton’s Collapse


The gang returns this week to discuss David Cameron’s retirement, the redrawing of constituency boundaries in Britain, and the health debacles of old lady Hillary Clinton – this time with comedian and Labour staffer Ben Powell in tow.

Earlier this week former prime minister Cameron resigned as MP, saying the word “distraction” many times, and Fleet Street ran his career obituary one more time. But what will his legacy be?

This coincided with the proposals for new boundaries in Westminster elections, potentially putting many prominent figures out of a job as wonks seek to reduce headcount in the Commons from 650 to 600. Who wins from this scheme?

Meanwhile, presidential hopeful Clinton was busy collapsing due to pneumonia, and doing a worse job than usual of covering up her problems. Could the Donald profit from this?

Image Credit – David Cameron portrait, July 2010 by Thierry Ehrmann

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