Podcast Ep. 48: Clinton’s Victory, EU Referendum Debates & The Voter Registration Deadline

RD E48 Hillary Clinton, Nigel Farage

Hillary Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders, a plethora of debates on the EU referendum and an IT glitch that nearly disenfranchised some late sign-ups to the vote are our three topics this week as we’re joined by YouTuber/actor Daniel J Layton.

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Podcast Ep. 46: NUS smears, Kindertransport memorial & Breferendum roundup

RD E46 Student protest, Kindertransport, EU flag on Gherkin

A civil war in the ranks of student activists, a memorial to Nicholas Winton’s Kinderstransport and a review of the latest happenings in the EU referendum are the three topics for this week.

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Podcast Ep. 42: Circumcised willies, Obama busts Brexit & Zac Goldsmith’s ‘racist’ campaign

RD E42 Circ, Barack Obama and London City Hall

A court ruling on the parent’s right to circumcise their sons, the Barack Obama’s intervention on the EU referendum and accusations of racist Tory campaigning in the London mayoral contest are the three topics for this week’s podcast.

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Podcast Ep. 40: Panama Papers, Whitehall’s EU propaganda & Hong Kong independence

RD E40, Panama, EU Flags, Umbrella Revolution

The “biggest leak in history”, a pro-EU leaflet campaign from Whitehall and the prospect of Hong Kong independence are the three topics for this week’s podcast.

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