Podcast Ep. 46: NUS smears, Kindertransport memorial & Breferendum roundup

RD E46 Student protest, Kindertransport, EU flag on Gherkin

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A civil war in the ranks of student activists, a memorial to Nicholas Winton’s Kinderstransport and a review of the latest happenings in the EU referendum are the three topics for this week.

To begin, we look at the disaffiliation campaigns currently affecting the National Union of Students (NUS), which has seen those who oppose the new president Malia Bouattia smeared as bigots and right-wingers.

Next we look back at the life of Nicholas Winton, a humanitarian who rescued hundreds of children from the perils of Nazism during the Second World War, and his legacy in the wake of the migrant crisis.

Finally, we explore the EU referendum campaigns, which most recently has featured a squabble over Turkish membership of the club, warnings over the collapse of the NHS, and a much-derided letter from actors urging Britons to vote “remain”.

Image Credit – Student Fees Protest Oxford, November 1999 by Jon Worth; Kindertransport, Liverpool Street Station, November 2014 by David Skinner; and EU Flag on City of London Gherkin, March 2016 by Descrier

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