Podcast Ep. 22: Remembrance Poppies, Essena O’Neill’s ragequit and Justin Trudeau cabinet

RD E22, Justin Trudeau, Remembrance Poppies, Essena O'Neill

A beleaguered Right Dishonourable returns this week to discuss the latest in current affairs, social issues and whatever, with John joining Jazza and Jimmy once again.

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The British passport debacle shows the sexism of the feminist ‘role model’

UK Passport Page, via the Passport Office

Launching bureaucratic stationary is becoming an increasingly vexed proposition for any Whitehall wonk, and so it’s no surprise that feminists have had a bitch fit over the preponderance of men in the redesign of the British passport.

By the Guardian’s count a mere two women appear in the redesign, though Queen Victoria’s image can also be seen on the Penny Black stamp, and two other nameless women appear elsewhere.

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Bahar Mustafa and #KillAllWhiteMen, or when equality activists don’t understand racism

Bahar Mustafa, No White-Cis-Men Pls

Racism, n.

A belief that one’s own racial or ethnic group is superior, or that other such groups represent a threat to one’s cultural identity, racial integrity, or economic well-being; (also) a belief that the members of different racial or ethnic groups possess specific characteristics, abilities, or qualities, which can be compared and evaluated. Hence: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against people of other racial or ethnic groups (or, more widely, of other nationalities), esp. based on such beliefs.

Oxford English Dictionary

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Podcast (Ep. 20): Germaine Greer’s Transphobia, China in Britain and Seumas Milne’s Labour spin

Germaine Greer at Humber Mouth Festival, July 2006 by Walnut Whippet

Jazza and Jimmy are back at it and this week discuss Germaine Greer publicly defending her comments that-trans women aren’t women.

Meanwhile Chinese president Xi Jinping just had a lovely time being entertained by Mr. Cameron and the Queen so that British projects can get investment from China. Surprisingly, Jimmy schools Jazza on his China knowledge.

Finally, who is Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s new spin doctor? Does he hate the West? Does it matter? And what are the consequences for Corbyn’s Labour party?

Image Credit – Germaine Greer at Humber Mouth Festival, July 2006 by Walnut Whippet

Warwick’s George Lawlor agrees to go to sexual consent workshop after all that fuss

George Lawlor, the Warwick University student who sent the Internet wild by dismissing sexual consent lessons, has agreed to attend a workshop after all.

The student reversed his position after speaking to Josie Thorup, the women’s officer at Warwick Students Union behind the workshops, according to BBC Newsbeat:

“Not because I feel as if I need it. But because as a writer and somebody who’s criticised it, it’s only right that I should have a look.”

Both Lawlor and Thorup, whose rebuttal of her critic’s piece was remarkably generous, agreed that it was good that a discussion was prompted Lawlor’s piece, but he expressed reservations about the article:

“I didn’t write the article well enough, I may have said the wrong things. [But] I wouldn’t regret writing the article… because it’s got this discussion going.”

Most controversial was Lawlor posting the following image, which many attacked for reinforcing the view that nice, university-educated boys cannot be rapists.

"Do I really look like a rapist?" by George Laylor via The Tab

Source – George Lawlor via the Tab

Despite all the ruckus Lawlor’s most substantial point, that sexual consent lessons are likely to only be frequented by those least likely to benefit from them, has yet to be refuted.

Image Credit – No Means No, June 2011 by Roga Muffin