ASA approves Paddy Power telling Fifa chief Sepp Blatter to Fuck Off

Sepp Blatter at Fifa Congress Sydney in May 2008 by AsianFC

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An advert that told Fifa kingpin Sepp Blatter to “just fuck off already” has been cleared of being offensive after some small-minded twerp complained that the ad could be “likely to cause serious or widespread offence.”

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which acts as a moral guardian for sensitive Britons, decided that Guardianistas could probably cope with seeing the expletive emblazoned across its sports pages in relation to Don Blatter, whose entirely legitimate sporting organisation recently suffered an entirely unjust corruption scandal. (Is this right? – Ed)

Central to the ruling was the Graun sports writers’ previously prolific use of potty-mouthed prose, as well as the fact that most of its readers are adults, and thus are capable of reading swearwords without instantly turning into barbarians and sailing off to Norway for a spot of rape and pillage.

“Because we did not consider the ad would be offensive to those who were likely to see it, we concluded that it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence,” explained the censor, seemingly unaware how absurd it is that a piece of media can be banned merely for being offensive in Britain in 2015.

Readers of the Right Dishonourable who are offended by swears are dribbling halfwits who are advised to leave this page and never come back, whilst those with working brains can see the unoffending image below.

Sepp Blatter being told to fuck off, Paddy Power

Image Credit – Sepp Blatter at Fifa Congress Sydney in May 2008 by AsianFC

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