Corbyn rightly dismisses national anthem furore and sandwichgate as ‘tittle tattle’

Fleet Street splashes 16 September 2015, via Nick Sutton

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Furore over Jeremy Corbyn not singing the god-bothering monarchist national anthem at a memorial service has been dismissed by the Labour leader as “tittle tattle” as allegations he stole sandwiches intended for war veterans also turned out to be bollocks.

The North Islington MP faced a wave of criticism from Fleet Street on Wednesday for not singing God Save the Queen at a remembrance service for soldiers that fought in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War.

Much of Fleet Street splashed on the non-story about the atheist republican, who presumably refused to sign the anthem out of principle, whilst their Scottish brethren had their minds on other matters.

Writing on Facebook the North Islington MP criticised the media for entertaining trivia, asking what it is that “scares” the press about debating “real issues”.

Corbyn was backed up in his non-singing by Labour campaigner and Royal Air Force veteran Harry Leslie Smith, who tweeted:

Graham Smith, chief executive of the lobby Republic, also weighed in:

“A national anthem should be about the country, not the queen and god. For republicans, atheists and anyone with good taste God Save the Queen is an awful song set to a funereal dirge. I’m as patriotic as any supporter of the monarchy, I would love it if my country’s anthem wasn’t offensive to my principles.  I have no doubt that’s also Jeremy’s Corbyn’s view.”

Corbyn also defended himself to Sky News early on Wednesday, though did not say whether he would or would not be singing national anthems at future events:

“I am going to be at many events and I will take part fully in those events. I don’t see a problem about this. I was there and I will show my respect in the proper way at all future events. The proper way is to take a full part in it and I will take a full part.”

In another attempted smear rightwing blog Guido Fawkes reported allegations that Corbyn stole some sandwiches intended for war veterans after the Battle of Britain event, thought it has since emerged he was given them by Costa.

The Labour leader is due to make his first appearance at prime minister’s questions since winning the leadership election on Wednesday, where his performance will be closely scrutinised.

Image Credit – Fleet Street splashes 16 September 2015, via Nick Sutton

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