Jeremy Corbyn comes to David Cameron’s defence over piggate allegations

Jeremy Corbyn at prime minister's questions, BBC via David Holt

Prime minister David Cameron has found an unlikely defender against the ongoing allegation that he stuck his penis into the mouth of a dead pig during an initiation ritual for an Oxford society.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who the Tories have been keen to brand a national security threat because of his largely pacifist views on defence, told ITV News that he objected to the media’s treatment of Cameron in the wake of a number of allegations from upcoming biography Call Me Dave.

He said:

“The media treatment of any politician on unsubstantiated allegations, be it David Cameron, me or anybody else is wrong. And too much of our media is obsessed with personality politics, obsessed with personal criticism of politicians, and therefore distracting from what are actually very serious issues about people’s housing, people’s living standards, people’s jobs or world peace.”

Even if Corbyn is not too keen on the media’s behaviour, it appears that many Britons find the reports of Cameron’s misbehaviour compelling, with two-thirds telling pollster YouGov that they believed the allegations.

The full interview with Corbyn can be viewed on the ITV News website.

Image Credit – Jeremy Corbyn at prime minister’s questions, BBC via David Holt

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