The Week In Geek Ep. 1: Star Trek Strikes Back, DC Relaunched and Michael Keaton in Spiderman

WIG Episode 1

In this new podcast devoted to geekdom the Right Dishonourable looks at a new Star Trek film, the relaunch of the DC Comics universe and whether both our hosts know who Michael Keaton is. Apparently he’s appearing in Spider-Man, possibly.

To begin we analyse the mysteriously overlooked trailer for Star Trek Beyond, the latest in the long line of Trekkie films and TV shows that Jimmy has not seen.

We then look at what has been happening at DC Comics in their latest universe reboot, as well as the role of Geoff Johns in the company’s fortunes and whether Marvel is still better.

And lastly, we turn to Michael Keaton, an actor who is alleged to be playing The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, another reboot of another reboot of another [that’s enough – Ed].

Image Credit – Resistance is Futile, October 2009 by Manuel Iglesias; Batman, February 2012 by Michael; and Michael Keaton, July 2013 by Gage Skidmore

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