Podcast Ep. 47: The Vice Of Corbyn, Muhammad Ali’s Legacy & Swiss Votes On Basic Income

RD E47 Jeremy Corbyn, Muhammad Ali, British Pounds

A Vice documentary about Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, the legacy of the late boxer Muhammad Ali, and Switzerland’s rejection of basic income in a recent referendum are the three topics for this week.

To begin, the media operations of Corbyn, as well as his paranoia about the press and the sartorial tastes of his style guru are put under the camera lens in a revealing documentary. Is it as bad as we thought? (Ed: Yes.)

Following the death of the boxer Muhammad Ali, we ask what his legacy will be for race relations, as well as examining some of his grim views on the role of women and interracial marriage.

Lastly we ask, like Switzerland, whether people should get money for nothing – specifically a citizen’s wage from the state. Jazza outs himself as a conservative, but at least an optimistic one.

Image Credit – Jeremy Corbyn, April 2016 by Garry Knight; The King, February 2016 by Ian Ransley; and 50 British Pound, March 2011 by David Gamez

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