Podcast Ep. 54: Summer of Brexit, Theresa May’s Grammar Plan, and the Romptastic Keith Vaz

Keith Vaz, February 2011 by daliscar1

With a call to order the Right Dishonourable is back for another series of mischievous political debate and – er – banter, beginning with a tour of an uneventful summer recess, plans to bring back grammar schools, and an old-fashioned sex scandal.

To begin, we look at whether Brexit does in fact mean Brexit, and what that might even mean for the naughty schoolboys currently occupying the Foreign Office and its spin-off ministries.

We then look at whether selective education is a good idea, and what exactly the new prime minister Theresa May is plotting with regards to British schools.

And lastly, Labour MP and former chair of the home affairs committee Keith Vaz gets caught checking the pipes of a few Eastern European gentleman. Did he blow the gasket by resigning?

Image Credit – Keith Vaz, February 2011 by daliscar1

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